1000 West Washington Lofts

Nurture's partnership with the 1000 West Washington Lofts Condominium Association marked the initiation of a collaborative endeavor focused on rejuvenating the residential property. Entrusting Nurture with their vision, the Association sought a comprehensive Master Plan to guide future enhancements across both loft buildings. 

Originally erected as industrial bakery structures for the New York Biscuit Company, later transitioning into Nabisco's domain, these buildings hold a rich historical significance deeply rooted in Philo Carpenter’s early land use and the evolving narrative of the West Loop neighborhood. Despite the buildings' historical importance and the distinct architectural features of their units, communal spaces, notably the lobby, lacked cohesion with this narrative, presenting an opportunity for transformation and regeneration. 

WW Lofts
WW Lofts 2

Armed with a nuanced understanding of the Association's goals, Nurture embarked on a collaborative journey, engaging stakeholders to articulate their aspirations and concerns. Through curated Visioning Sessions and Integrated Design Workshops, Nurture facilitated meaningful dialogue, fostering a collective sense of ownership and consensus-building among homeowners.

The resulting Master Plan transcended mere architectural blueprints; it embodies a shared vision of a vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive community. Seamlessly blending historic preservation, modern amenities, and environmental sustainability, Nurture's Master Plan aims to honor the past while laying the groundwork for a brighter future.