999 Lake Shore Drive Apartments

Designed by architect Benjamin Marshall and completed in 1912, this 10-story, 25-unit cooperatively owned apartment building stands as a prominent fixture in Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood, gracing the Streeterville lakefront for over a century. The maintenance, repairs, and general improvements essential for preserving such vintage buildings have ensured its enduring significance along the historical lakefront.

In its role as the building architect, Nurture was tasked with reviewing renovation plans for individual unit owners to ensure compliance with current codes, zoning restrictions, and building policies. Nurture also played a crucial role in establishing building standard guidelines for renovations and constructions, including specifications for window replacements that fortify the building's landmark status and guidelines for façade paint selections.

Nurture developed a comprehensive, multi-phased improvement program spanning several years; this program included the replacement of plumbing risers and horizontal branch pipes, as well as the evaluation and testing of potential hazardous materials. Emphasizing a sensitive approach to infrastructure upgrades, Nurture assessed each residential unit to minimize disruptions to interior finishes and the well-being of residents throughout the process.

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