Dana Thomas House

The Dana Thomas House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1905 for Susan Lawrence Dana, a prominent figure in Springfield Society, is among the largest, most elaborate, and complete of Wright's houses. Nurture left no stone unturned in the restoration of this iconic residence, starting with a comprehensive three-part study, HABS drawings, and a full historical evaluation.

The project also included an adaptive reuse of the coach house structure, transforming it into a modern visitors' center complete with an auditorium, bookshop, exhibit space, and restroom, all while preserving its architectural identity.


The restoration project was divided into three phases, with each phase addressing specific aspects of the house and coach house, including mechanical, electrical, and structural systems, furniture, decorative arts, and landscaping.

The study also included HABS drawings and a thorough historical and architectural evaluation of the property. Nurture prepared construction documents and oversaw the construction of all three phases to ensure the project's successful completion.

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