CHA Dearborn Homes

Over a period of five years, Nurture spearheaded an intense effort to design and direct the gut rehabilitation of 16 buildings (12 six-story and 4 nine-story) on one site. This massive undertaking required meticulous community stakeholder organization and construction phasing. As part of this process, the entire site underwent a re-planning of 800 dwelling units to provide four-bedroom family-focused configurations, as well as the required distribution of accessible units of all sizes mandated by HUD.

The end result was a reduced unit count of 656, with new infrastructure for MEP FP, communication, and make-up air circulation for all buildings. Nurture collaborated with the team to install new elevators and to rehabilitate and remodel the facades of the buildings. This involved careful insertion of Neo-Georgian detailing to create a market-rate appearance.

Dearborn Homes
Dearborn Homes 2

The entire site, including the private driveways and fire lane running through the development, underwent a complete renovation. The team also designed and coordinated the relocation of all new underground utilities for the site, including electrical, gas, storm sewer, and water services for the buildings. 

This included the installation of a new 2,000 LF private water main to service each building, as well as stormwater detention for the entire site via an underground, prefabricated, concrete detention tank by StormTrap. By repaving fire lanes and reconfiguring walkways, the team ensured that the entire site was barrier-free.

Dearborn Homes Rendering