Chicago Temple First United Methodist Church

Since its founding in 1831, the First United Methodist Church Chicago Temple has stood as a beacon of faith and architectural grandeur in the heart of Chicago. Designed by Holabird and Roche, its imposing presence graces the skyline, boasting a multifunctional complex that includes not only religious gathering spaces, but also offices, conference rooms, residential accommodations, and commercial facilities. 

Completed in 1924, Chicago Temple holds a special place in Chicago's history, recognized not only as the tallest church in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records, but also as the city's oldest church.

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Recognizing the need for substantial upgrades to align with modern building standards and offer amenities akin to premier office facilities, Nurture was commissioned to coordinate a comprehensive multi-year master plan and budget. The $27+ million project involved a range of upgrades, such as restoring and cleaning the limestone exterior and spire, conducting life safety assessments, revitalizing the sidewalk vault, and introducing new granite paving. Interior renovations comprised wall refurbishments, parsonage renovations, a new lobby directory and security station, elevator modernizations, energy-efficient ventilation, corridor enhancements, a new sprinkler system, and advanced communication integration.