George Clayson House Museum

The George Clayson House, constructed in 1873, underwent a transformative journey through various ownerships until it was collectively acquired in 1976 by the Palatine Public Library, the Palatine Park District, and the Palatine Historical Society. Under the stewardship of the Historical Society, an agreement was officiated to restore and repurpose the house as a museum.

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Nurture engaged as restoration architect, confronting the challenge posed by several significant alterations made to the structure over the years. Exhaustive research and on-site investigations were conducted to unveil its original architectural essence. Subsequently, thorough plans and specifications were produced to revive the house to its circa 1890-1900 aesthetic. Concurrently, Nurture spearheaded the preparation of a National Register of Historic Places nomination, culminating in its successful approval.

Upon the project's completion, the Historical Society adorned the interiors with period-appropriate furnishings. Since then, the structure has served as a cherished public museum and library, preserving the rich heritage of its bygone era.