Henry B. Clarke House Museum

The Henry B. Clarke House stands as Chicago’s oldest surviving structure, presenting Greek Revival elements dating back to circa 1836. In a remarkable feat, the house was relocated around 1871 from its original location to a site six miles south, where it remained until 1977 when the City of Chicago acquired it.

The relocation presented significant challenges, including the house's considerable size, the presence of elevated public transit railroad tracks dividing the two sites, and the stipulation that it must remain intact to preserve its historic integrity. Moreover, a substantial portion of the original materials remained, making them susceptible to damage during the move.

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Nurture was tasked with orchestrating the relocation to a site within the Prairie Avenue Historic District and developing a restoration program. Extensive research was conducted to capture the building's 1885 appearance, serving as the basis for the restoration plan.

Detailed construction documents outlining the requirements were prepared, guiding the rehabilitation efforts to bring the Clarke House back to its original state. Today, the Clarke House stands as a cherished house museum under the stewardship of the City of Chicago.