IIT Commons Building HABS

Illinois Institute of Technology’s Commons Building, designed by Mies Van der Rohe and completed in 1952, served as a hub for food service and commercial amenities catering to University students and faculty, particularly those residing in nearby apartments and dormitories. This structure stands as a remarkable exemplar of Miesian design principles, evident not only in its own architecture but also resonating with the broader spectrum of his campus designs and overall body of work.

In line with a comprehensive modernization strategy, the Illinois Institute of Technology embarked on an expansion project for its student center, the Commons Building, and associated student facilities. Among the project's mandates was the preparation of a Level II Historic American Building Survey for the Commons Building and an adjacent gas station designed by the Chicago architectural firm of Mittelbusher and Tourtelot. Nurture undertook this recordation, detailing the physical attributes of each structure, contextualizing their historical significance, and capturing comprehensive photographic documentation of the buildings and their immediate surroundings. Detailed drawings were produced to illustrate floor plans and other significant architectural features of the respective buildings.

As an integral part of the recordation process, Nurture investigated the historical evolution of the campus plan, spotlighting the influence of Mies's innovative 12-foot square planning module, which served as a foundational framework for the development of the campus layout.

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