Morrill Hall

Nurture undertook a transformative initiative at Morill Hall, an 8-story building spanning 167,546 square feet within the University of Illinois campus in Champaign-Urbana. Constructed in 1963, Morill Hall primarily served as a hub for laboratories and offices, playing a vital role in the university's academic and research endeavors.

Tasked with the comprehensive renovation of Morill Hall’s HVAC system, Nurture directed the replacement of air handling units dedicated to the West wing, extending from the Basement to the Penthouse. This critical endeavor demanded a deep understanding of the building's structural complexities to receive the large units, ensuring seamless integration of new units for optimal performance and efficiency.

Because of the presence of live animals in many of the laboratories, it also required the careful coordination of their relocation within the building to facilitate the work. Additionally, Nurture orchestrated the selective replacement of various essential components within Morill Hall. This involved upgrading duct distribution, piping distribution systems, fume hoods, exhaust fans, zone reheat coils, controls, and ceiling components. 

Morrill Hall 2