MSI Pioneer Zephyr Exhibit

The Museum of Science and Industry engaged Nurture to update the 20-year-old Pioneer Zephyr exhibit, aiming to enhance overall visitor experience. Collaborating closely with the exhibit designer and the MSI Exhibits Team, Nurture strategically enclosed the existing space by permanently shutting the fire shutters between the exhibit area and the adjoining garage. Additionally, new projection screens and state-of-the-art equipment were integrated to simulate the sensation of train movement.

Zephyr 1
Zephyr thumbnail

The platform underwent a comprehensive redesign to offer a more panoramic and unobstructed view of the train from the main entrance lobby. Addressing accessibility concerns, a chairlift was installed at the northern end of the platform to facilitate wheelchair maneuverability around the entirety of the train. Ramp access was implemented at the entrances of every car, ensuring inclusivity and ease of exploration.

Enhancements to the ambiance of the exhibit space were achieved through the introduction of new lighting fixtures and a carefully curated paint and floor color scheme. These updates serve to rejuvenate the environment and underscore the significance of the newly revitalized train exhibit.

Zephyr 2
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