Private Office

Nurture was engaged to design a private office space, utilizing only the tenant improvement budget provided by the building management company. Situated within a venerable historical site, the project demanded that Nurture preserve the abundant natural light and the charm of the exposed historic finishes.

Constructed in 1888 to house the Gormully & Jeffery Manufacturing Company, 213 West Institute boasted a storied past as the birthplace of the esteemed "Rambler" bicycle brand, once a titan in the American bicycle industry. Nurture procured and designed the office layout and interiors, such that it did not have to be wired in conduit per most Chicago office seating.

213 small 1
213 small 3

The design reflects everything the firm stands for: an unwavering commitment to fostering a sustainable future. By employing low VOC materials and incorporating recycled content products, while celebrating the building's inherent features such as expansive daylight, exposed brickwork, and timber structure, the firm pays homage to its historical essence.

Infusing trademark orange accents, motto, and vibrant splashes of color throughout, the design marries the building's heritage with contemporary elements. Despite the modest footprint of 1600 sq ft, the team consciously crafted distinct collaboration areas, a kitchenette, a library space, and a conference room.