Union League Club of Chicago

The Union League Club, situated in Chicago’s South Loop, was envisioned by Jenney, Mundie & Jensen in 1925. This 23-story versatile structure encompasses eight floors dedicated to meeting and dining rooms, a seven-story hotel, and a five-story athletic facility. Striving to enhance member experience, the Union League pursued an extensive facility upgrade initiative. Nurture was chosen as the technical, coordinating, and design architect, collaborating closely with the Board of Directors to outline a phased improvement program spanning several years.

Nurture provided architectural expertise for a three-phase renovation of the athletic facilities spanning the 18th to 21st floors, the establishment of new administrative offices on the 9th floor, and the restoration of exterior walls. Nurture oversaw the installation of a comprehensive sprinkler and fire alarm system throughout the building, including historically significant areas like the main dining room.


Upgrades to heating, ventilation, and cooling systems on floors 1-9 were executed, alongside the refurbishment of first floor back-of-the-house spaces and the barber shop. Inspection and repair of the adjacent seven-story Engineer’s Club building's roof and exterior masonry, owned by the Club, were also undertaken.

Throughout these endeavors, Nurture integrated improvements into the existing architectural framework of the Union League Club. The intrinsic grandeur of the interior public spaces was preserved and accentuated, while ensuring seamless incorporation of new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services, harmonizing with the building's original aesthetic.