Western Illinois Museum

Nurture collaborated with the non-profit Western Illinois Museum (WIM) in Macomb, Illinois, to develop a comprehensive Master Plan for its existing historical facility. This plan included a thorough assessment of current building components and offered a conceptual design aimed at revitalizing and repurposing the museum spaces to ensure its continued success.

The objective was to expand the museum's offerings to both the local community and the broader region, ultimately leading to the launch of a capital campaign.


The Master Plan served as a strategic "road map," complemented by detailed design documents and necessary permitting processes. Its purpose was to steer future development in a logical and organized manner, minimizing duplication of effort and unnecessary expenditures.

As per the proposed design, WIM would have had the flexibility to utilize the east building throughout the year, enabling the expansion of program offerings and the opportunity to generate revenue through event-based rental of the space.