Altgeld Hall

Altgeld Hall stands as a testament to Northern Illinois University's rich history, a cornerstone of academic life since its completion in 1898. Throughout its 100+ years it served as a dormitory, classrooms, auditorium, library, and administrative spaces. However, as years passed, the echoes of countless students and the weight of academic progress took its toll on this venerable structure.

Nurture, guided by a dedication to preserving the Hall's legacy, conducted a thorough examination of the structure followed by the development of programs and solutions to rectify unwieldy interior layouts, construction and mechanical failures and building code deficiencies.

Altgeld Hall small
Altgeld Hall Vintage Cropped
Altgeld Hall | Photographer Ritzman, Floyd R., 1885-1975


Consulting with NIU’s faculty, Nurture crafted a comprehensive master plan, incorporating cost estimates for phased renovations that would repair and restore historically important elements of the exteriors; interiors would be elevated with revised spatial layouts, ADA improvements, and preeminent HVAC and MEP systems. 

With these improvements, Altgeld Hall is poised to continue inspiring new generations of scholars for another century. Its revitalized façade and interiors pay tribute to the architectural heritage of Northern Illinois University, preserving a piece of history for students and faculty to cherish.