Yannell Conservation Habitat

Nurture is designing a fourth project for long time client Michael Yannell, one in a long line of LEED Platinum and net-zero energy as well as PHIUS certified designs. His final personal project will be his retirement home, located just north of South Haven, along the shores of Lake Michigan. Climate change is at the forefront of all decisions made regarding this project, from site selection, to energy self-sufficiency, to the ability to withstand the predicted climate changes ahead. Naming the project a ‘habitat’ aims to be a resilient solution to restore nature and live in unison with it, demonstrating that protecting our large freshwater resource is paramount in our region.

Situated on an approximately seventy-foot tall bluff that has degraded significantly due to high lake levels and climate change driven wave action, the project aims to create a template for sustainable lakefront development. The home itself, a 6,500 square foot commune for six individuals at retirement age, will be energy self-sufficient – able to function independently, but remaining grid connected to feed excess energy. Wind power, solar electric and hydronic systems will be integral to the project as well. Urban agriculture and a goal of net zero water, in addition to with rainwater harvesting, will be employed for the restoration of the 13-acre site. The project will be IFLI Living Building Challenge full certification and PHIUS certified when complete in 2024.

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