Evanston Ecology Center

Nurture was selected as Architect of Record by the City of Evanston’s Ecology Center to assist in a comprehensive renovation, better serving the Evanston community with awareness and knowledge of the natural environment and our interdependence with it through educational programs and services. The Ecology Center building, originally constructed in 1974, underwent a major addition and renovation in 2001 which added a multipurpose room, corridor, and vestibule. However, as operations evolved, the building's needs changed, necessitating a thorough remodeling.

EEC Rendering 3
EEC Rendering 1

A completely reimagined public entry sequence, featuring a welcome desk adorned with lumber donated by Evanston’s Park Director, is complimented by a dynamic map of North Shore trails and waterways with preserved cedar finishes. Electric vehicle charging stations support Evanston’s commitment to their Climate Action Resilience Plan.⁠

A reimagined children’s classroom features a new flooring design also aids in programmatic and animal zoning, ensuring a harmonious and functional environment for kids and critters alike. The Ecology Center's pivotal role as a community hub for recycling efforts is underscored by a custom bespoke recycling area that works to foster community engagement in sustainable practices.⁠

EEC Rendering 2

Given the building is half a century old, issues such as water damage, moisture infiltration, and outdated ductwork were significantly impacting the well-being of both staff and visitors. Our intervention will address the current problems and additionally make this a functioning and resilient building for the City of Evanston through the upcoming years.

This project is targeting LEED Gold to meet the goals set by the City of Evanston Climate Action and Resiliency Plan – it is important, we believe, for a project like this with ecology at its core to have the tools to be transparent about the effort to be as sustainable and resilient as possible with the surrounding community.